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Reserve a Volleyball Court HERE
Recommended no more than 6 people at one table. No more than 5 people on either side of the court are allowed.

Reserve the Kids' Playground and/or Sandbox HERE
Up to 10 guests are allowed in the playground area and up to 10 in the sandbox area. Recommended no more than 6 people at one table.

FAQs and Policy Changes:

What changes have you made to ensure safety?

  • Tables will be available on the patio only. The inside will only be open for use of the restrooms..
  • Guests must sanitize their hands before entering the facility. 
  • Tables have been spaced more than 6’ apart, and certain tables have been closed or removed to ensure lower capacity and/or to ensure clear and spacious walkways. DO NOT MOVE TABLE FOR ANY REASON.
  • NO Outside items can be brought into the facility, including but not limited to bags (small purses and diaper bags are allowed), water bottles, and gear.
  • Wakefield Crowbar staff will be wearing face coverings at all times. For the safety of our staff and other guests, we require that all our guests wear a face covering when entering the venue or when moving around the facility such as going to the restroom. 
  • All menus, silverware, etc will be one time use disposable items.
  • Condiments will only be provided by request and will be one time use packets. 
  • If you are bringing your children, please make sure you are able to keep them at your table at all times. If your kids want to run around, there are kids’ areas available for hourly rentals (details below). 
  • We will not be providing high chairs or booster seats. You may bring your own compact versions of high chairs, booster seats or strollers, provided they do not result in a breach of the 6’ distance between your party and other guests.

Is the bar open?

  • We do have a full bar available, however our servers will take your food and drink orders at your table. 

Can I play volleyball or cornhole?

  • Volleyball courts will be available for hourly rentals only ($25/hr).
  • Cornhole boards will be available at no cost, however you must bring your own cornhole bags. If you would like to play cornhole, please ask a staff member to get the boards setup for you.
  • For volleyball play, you are only allowed to have 5 people on each side of the net. All players must be in your party, i.e. other guests cannot join you if they were not originally part of your party.
  • Courts will only be opened for reservations and will be closed any time there is not a reservation in place.
  • Please bring your own volleyballs and cornhole bags, as we will not provide these for guests.

Can I use the kids’ area?

  • The kids’ area with playground and the kids' sandbox (court 3) will be available for hourly rentals only ($25/hour). Up to 10 guests are allowed in the playground area and up to 10 in the sandbox area. Recommended no more than 6 people at one table.
  • Please ensure that your children remain in the reserved areas and are not running in the general seating area.

Can I bring my pet?

  • Pets are allowed, however they must be leashed at all times, and must not impede the ability for other guests to maintain a 6’ distance from your party. 

Can I still order food to go and for delivery?

  • Absolutely. You can still order for curbside pickup online through our website or by phone, and you can still order for delivery through Grubhub.